Core Values

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  • Core Values:
Customer Focus We ensure that customers are satisfied with the quality and timely delivery of service
Integrity  We walk the talk (openness, keep commitments to employees, clients and stakeholders)
Innovation We make meaningful changes to improve GSA’s services, processes and operations to create new values for our stakeholders
Excellence We strive towards quality, that is, being extremely thorough, exhaustive and accurate
Teamwork We collaborate regularly with one another on job effectiveness and efficiency
Confidentiality We provide reasonable access to specialised information
People Development We ensure mentoring as a corporate practice
Commitment We are dedicated to our work


  • Goals:
  • To facilitate rapid expansion in Product and Management Systems Certification
  • To develop strong quality-conscious customers in all sectors of the economy
  • To encourage and build good taste for standardisation and serve as a guide for players in trade and industry
  • To strengthen the economy of Ghana through standardisation, transforming it into an export-led economy