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The Administration Directorate acts as a connecting link between the various Directorates of the Authority.  The Directorate is responsible for the enhancement and development of human capital, provides motivation to the workforce for the realization of the organizational objectives.

The Directorate is responsible for creating conducive environment for employees to achieve their career objectives or goals.

The Administration Department is also responsible for ensuring the effective use and maintenance of the Authority’s facilities both residential and office accommodation.  The Department places a major role in ensuring the safety of the work place at all times.

The Department is responsible for maintaining an efficient and effective transport system as well as ensuring that guidelines for the selection and replacement of transport are adhered to.

The Department is also responsible for ensuring a safe and secured working environment at all times.

  1. Human Resource Department

The Human Resource Department spearheads recruitment, training, Industrial relations, administration and general staff welfare.  The Department ensures that staff work within a conducive and safe environment.

  1. Marketing Department

The Department is responsible for designing and implementing marketing strategies and programmes of the Authority as well as organizing major events for the Authority.  The Marketing Department also creates awareness on the relevance and the usage of standards through workshops, seminars and public education.

  1. Procurement Department

The Department oversees the judicious use of the resources of the Authority through the purchase of goods and services.  It also ensures that the Authority’s procurement activities are carried out in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory manner thereby ensuring value for money.


  1. Information Technology Department

The Department is also responsible for ensuring that information technology infrastructure of the Authority is enhanced at all times. Responsible for ensuring that both software and hardware systems used by the Authority are enhanced, updated or replaced.