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Human Resource Management Development

Human beings constitute the most important asset in any working environment. In line with this, the Human Resource Department places high premium on its staff during recruitment, training, industrial relations and staff welfare. The Department also ensures good salary administration as well as efficient performance management, all geared towards building an efficient human resource base for high productivity.

 Training and Development

The Training Department plans, develops, organizes, co-ordinates and executes relevant training, both local and overseas, for all employees. This is done to meet corporate performance needs and/or individual employee development for progression and career development.

 Marketing and Public Relations

The Department serves as the mouthpiece of the Authority and also motivates the public in favour of the Authority’s programmes. Being responsible for designing and implementing marketing strategies and programmes of the Authority as well as organizing its major events, the Department intensifies awareness on the relevance and usage of standards through seminars, workshops and public education.

 Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Unit is concerned with the effective use and maintenance of the Authority’s facilities, acquisition and maintenance of both residential and office accommodation as well as mobility of the Authority’s staff, equipment and materials to and from various locations for the performance of official duties and other related obligations. It also ensures safety of the workplace.


The Department sees to the judicious use of the resources of Ghana Standards Authority in the purchase of goods and services for the Authority. This is to ensure that the Authority’s procurement is carried out in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory manner. This helps in achieving value for money.


The Legal Department guides the Authority to pursue its agenda in line with law. It advises GSA on legal matters so as to ensure that the Authority initiates and implements programmes which are not contrary to law, but in line with the country’s existing laws, to achieve its objectives. It represents the Authority in court and also drafts contract agreements on behalf of the Authority.

 Transport Unit

The Transport Unit of the Ghana Standards Authority is responsible for maintaining an efficient and effective transport system as well as ensuring that guidelines for the selection and replacement of vehicle fleet are adhered to.

The Unit also ensures the availability, reliability and utilization of transport resources for the Authority’s operations in order to control the running cost of the fleet of vehicles.

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