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The Division carries out:


Product Certification

The Authority serves as an independent third party, undertaking product certification which aims to provide confidence and assurance that a product complies with particular national or international standard specifications. On monthly basis, Certification Mark Committee meetings are organised to examine and approve or disapprove products submitted for certification. Licenses are then issued out for the use of the GSA Standard Mark, also called the Mark of Conformity.

The Mark:

  • indicates that the product has been produced according to an accepted standard
  • assures Consumers that the product has been inspected, tested and conforms to the requirements of an accepted standard
  • assures Consumers of quality, reliability, safety and value for money.


Management Systems Certification

Management Systems Certification is also of interest to GSA. The objective of the programme is to assist operators in both the manufacturing and service sectors to improve their competitiveness by establishing effective Management Systems on the basis of ISO 9001, ISO 22,000 and ISO 14,000 models.