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The National Quality Awards (NQA) instituted in 2017, by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) in collaboration with the Association of Ghanaian Industries (AGI), has over the years become one of the most prestigious and recognizable awards in the country.

The awards scheme which rewards excellence and the application of internationally accepted quality standards among locally owned Ghanaian institutions in the field of manufacturing and service delivery, has increased public awareness on the need for standardization.


  • To promote excellence through quality management
  • To acknowledge the contribution of quality in the national economy and all aspects of corporate management
  • To reward and honor exemplary company(s) in their efforts to achieve quality of products and services.
  • To encourage organizations to adopt the quality approach, and if possible, obtain certification.
  • To improve the country’s image and locally manufactured products for both local and international (regional) markets.


  • Public recognition.
  • Increase public confidence in your organization’s products or services.
  • Access your commitment to Quality or public safety.
  • Help your organization analyze your quality or safety strengths and weakness.
  • Enables your organization obtains an external evaluation confirmation and assessment of your current position.


An organization is eligible to compete for the awards if it satisfies all the following conditions;

  • Must be legally registered and operates within the borders of Ghana;
  • Must have an identifiable physical location and presence;
  • Must be a registered tax-payer;
  • Must be implementing a Management System (quality/food safety) or have such culture in their operations.


Category A

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Organizations with  more than 100 employees

Category B

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Organizations with more than 20 to 100 employees

Category C

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Organizations with employees between 1 to 20

Within each category, there are four (4) levels of participation. Organizations can choose the appropriate level it wishes to compete in depending on the level of application of the assessment norms. The following are the levels of participation:


Level of participation Assessment Criteria Award Maximum winning score
1 9 Bronze 1000
2 18 Silver 2000
3 27 Gold 3000
4 40 Diamond 4000


We were pleased to hear Total Ghana announced as the winner of the 2017 National Quality Award amongst other companies who participated in the same category. We were excited to have won not one, but two awards, particularly the Diamond Award and the Overall National Quality Company. It is satisfying to receive external recognition for our hard work and dedication in upholding international standards in our business. This award reinforces the value we place on our Customers through the delivery of Quality Products and Services.  We will continue to maintain and even improve our standards for the benefit of the public.

Frank Boamah

Company Name: Total Petroleum Ghana Limited
Designation: (HSEQ MANAGER)

Everpure Ghana Limited is a producer of purified drinking water to clients, based on a process that is unique and of the highest quality standard in water purification technology, utilizing best practices, backed by quality customer service. Everpure Ghana Limited participated in the National Quality Awards organized by the Ghana Standards Authority in collaboration with the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) and emerged Winners of the Gold Award in both 2017 and 2018. “This clearly indicates that our efforts to providing purified drinking water of the highest quality standard have been appreciated over the years. This award has benefited us immensely and has made us understand that our practices are in line with the international norms.”

John Ansah

Company Name: Everpure Ghana Limited
Designation: (Quality Health & Safety Control Manager)

Nestlé Ghana Limited is one of the leading (if not the largest) Food and Beverage Company in Ghana. Nestlé is known for improving livelihood in communities, and helping both children and adults live healthier lives. Nestlé Ghana Limited was named the Overall Best Industrial Company of the Year as well as the Overall National Best Quality Company and National Quality Award, Diamond Category (Food), at the 7th Association of Ghana Industry and Quality Awards in 2018. “Receiving such prestigious award has been an honor and affirmation of our dedication and commitment to quality and business excellence and has also confirmed the way of work by producing quality products to customers.”

Margaret Mary Tohouenou

Company Name: Nestlé Ghana Limited
Designation: (Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Manager, Nestle Coastal Cluster. Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone)


The assessment for all organizations will be made based on some selected element of the Management System Standards

– ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018 requirements.


All applications received shall be screened as per the criteria laid down on the basis of information provided by the applicant organization. Successful applicant organizations selected in preliminary screening will become eligible for fact-finding and evaluation visits. A team of auditors appointed for this purpose would visit the applicant organization for on-site evaluation. The choice of on-site evaluation date(s) will be decided by the secretariat in consultation with the applicant organization. Successful applicant organizations will be informed and asked to prepare themselves for assessment on the specified dates.