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GSA Tops Latest CMA Visibility Ratings Survey

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) topped the June Visibility Ratings Survey conducted by the Center for Media Analysis (CMA) in Ghana.

CMA is an independent Media Monitoring and Research Company which offers Strategic Communication consultancy. It has been operating in the country since July 2005.

The June survey sample was made up of eight top Public Agencies in the country, namely, Ghana Education Service, National Insurance Commission, Ghana Commodity Exchange, Ghana Statistical Service, Ghana Revenue Authority and National Commission for Civic Education.

Analysed medium for this survey was as follows – Daily Graphic, Ghanaian Times, Business & Financial Times, Gold Street Business, Business Finder, Economy Times and Graphic Business.

The study period was June 1 – 31, 2019.

GSA is the national statutory body responsible for developing, publishing and promoting standards.

It derives its mandate from the standards decree NRCD 173 of 1973. It is also the custodian of the Weights and Measures under a regulatory Decree: (NRCD 326, 1975)

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