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The Department has two operational Units, namely:

  • Engineering and Material Science Unit and
  • Food, Agriculture and Cosmetic Unit

The main activities of the Department are factory inspections, consignment inspection of manufactured goods for export and market surveillance with the following Decrees and Legislative Instruments as its legal operational bases.

  1. Standards Decree, 1973, NRCD 173
  2. Ghana Standards Amendment Decree 1979

The factory inspection activities involve inspection/audit of Manufacturing Industries to inspect their facilities and manufacturing processes for compliance to the required standards. Sampling of products for laboratory analysis forms part of this activity, all aimed at supporting the Product Certification Scheme of the Ghana Standards Authority.

The Inspection process takes a look at the following among other things: raw materials used for production, the production processes, Calibration status of measuring devices, maintenance procedures, sanitation situation, Personnel Hygiene and Health, labeling and handling of finished products and recall and traceability of products.

Consignment Inspection of Goods for Export is conducted on goods destined for export for which exporters are required to register (registration form –link) with the Department and follow documented procedures. The process involves inspection of the premises, and consignment of goods. Sampling of products for laboratory analysis is performed where applicable for the purpose of issuance of Export Certificate in fulfillment of the Authority’s mandate regarding export of goods from the country.

The Market Surveillance activities are focused on products certified by the Authority, as well as products illegally bearing the Authority’s Certification Mark. It also covers high risk products imported into the country to ascertain their safety to the general consuming public