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The Product Certification Department provides assessment and impartial third-party attestation that fulfilment of specified requirement has been demonstrated. Specified requirements for products are generally contained in standards or other normative documents. Product certification is carried out by product certification bodies which should conform to ISO IEC 17065.

It is an established conformity assessment activity that provides confidence to consumers, regulators, industry and other interested parties that products conform to specified requirements, including for example product performance, safety, interoperability and sustainability (ISO IEC 17067: 2013).

Product Certification facilitates trade, market access, fair competition and consumer acceptance of products on a national, regional and international level. It involves the issuance of a certificate or mark (or both) to demonstrate that a specific product meets a defined set of requirements for that product. The certification mark is normally found on the product packaging (label) and may also appear on the certificate issued by the certification body. The mark carries a reference number or name of the relevant product standard against which the product has been certified.

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) is mandated under the Standards Authority Act, 1973 to undertake conformity assessment activities. The GSA gives permission for a conforming product to bear a mark of conformity called the Standard Mark; providing evidence of compliance to specification. A product bearing this mark carries a third-party guarantee; an assurance that the product has been inspected, tested and conforms to the requirements of an accepted standard. Production has been supervised and controlled, assuring safety and value for money.

Consumers require the assurance that products and services conform and comply with national regulations. This confidence can only be realized through conformity assessment of products, processes or services to ensure fulfilment of requirements and relevant standards. Conformance to these standards offers protection by safeguarding consumer health and safety.

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