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The Corporate Communications Directorate comprises two, Departments. These are Public Relations and Marketing which previously was placed under Administration. The Directorate exists to ensure the free flow of information between the GSA and its internal as well as external stakeholders. It is also responsible for designing and implementing marketing strategies and programmes of the Authority as well as organizing major events for the Authority.

The Directorate organises educational campaign to sensitize the public on issues such as the relevance and usage of standards, labeling requirements, codes of practice as well as good manufacturing, management and trade practices. Furthermore, the Directorate in collaboration with various Departments undertakes on regular basis public education and sensitization on Standards and Quality. The dissemination of information, through traditional and social media, relating to Standardisation and Conformity Assessment plays a key role in the activities of the Directorate.

In essence, therefore, the Corporate Communications Directorate performs the following functions:

  1. GSA Website

  • Promotion of GSA activities
  • Interaction with stakeholders and others who visit the website
  • Posting of relevant news and updates on GSA activities
  1. Strategic communication

  • Scanning of the environment on regular basis to guide internal and external communication
  • Effective implementation of communication programmes
  • Evaluation on communications work
  1. Communications intelligence

  • Intelligence gathering
  • Data on audience and channels
  • Gathering information towards success and failure
  1. Media Relations

  • Establishing rapport with media
  • Engaging gatekeepers in the media
  • Cultivating the media to respond favourably to GSA
  • Contacting media for coverage of events
  • Scanning media stories about GSA
  1. External communications

  • Identification of relevant stakeholders
  • Use of relevant channels of communication
  • Communicating new developments to external staff and getting feedback
  1. Internal communications

  • Liaising with HR and other Departments to get latest information from them
  • Communicating new developments to internal staff
  • Engaging all Staff, through communication, to understand Departmental priorities
  1. Social media

Promoting GSA activities using the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Linkedin
  1. Publications

  • Qualitas
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • In-house newsletter
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  1. Management of industrial / educational visits

  • Ensuring timeliness of such visits
  • Using them to promote the image of GSA
  • Effective facilitation of the visits
  1. Marketing duties

Our marketing strategy aims at identifying the needs of our clients and providing needed services to satisfy such clients.

  • Finding out the needs of GSA clients
  • Developing, maintaining and updating the database of clients
  • Providing services to satisfy the needs of clients
  • Monitoring and evaluating programmes to achieve the marketing goals for GSA
  • Collaborating with the Business Development Department to promote the business interest of GSA
  1. Protocol duties

  • Formal invitation to guests prior to official events
  • Assisting in determining the seating arrangements for official guests during functions
  • Ticketing, insurance, visa, transportation and other arrangements for travelling GSA members of staff
  • Transportation arrangements for the distribution of GSA brochures, calendars, diaries, etc to stakeholders