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The main aim of the Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate is to ensure that processes are established and followed to help improve performance and achieve results.

Our goal is to improve current and future organizational outputs, outcomes and impact of our services on the general public towards the achievement of the GSA mandate.

The Planning Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Directorate focuses on the implementation of critical Government programmes as outlined by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Data and information is collected, compiled and analyzed and reports disseminated to relevant stakeholders for effective decision making.

The PME Directorate coordinates the preparation of the Ghana Standards Authority Corporate Annual Plans. We use the Plans as implementation and monitoring tool to assess and measure each Directorates performance against a number of specific indicators.

The PME Directorate is responsible to monitor and evaluate implementation of programmes by tracking progress of planned activities.

Reviews of performance are conducted to identify success in the various service delivery activities as well as learn lessons from unachieved planned outputs and their impact on our customers.

The PME Directorate is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the various management system standards being implemented by the functional areas.

Activities of the Regional Offices are facilitated and coordinated to ensure that GSAs services are provided to all Ghanaians.


  1. Facilitate the preparation of Annual Work Plans for Functional Areas of the Authority
  2. Collates Authority’s Annual Work Plan
  3. Prepare Annual Budget of the Authority
  4. Monitor execution of planned programmes and activities
  5. Liaise with functional areas for smooth implementation of the Authorities activities
  6. Receive and analyze Quarterly reports from Functional areas of the Authority
  7. Collate and manage performance database of the Authority
  8. Conduct Evaluation of Performance
  9. Prepare Evaluation and Monitoring Reports
  10. Prepare Quarterly and Annual Performance Reports of the Authority
  11. Facilitate Performance Review Meeting and Reporting
  12. Facilitate and manage Projects and Programmes of the Authority
  13. Facilitate the preparation and implementation of strategic business

Plan of the Authority

14 .Facilitate and coordinate regional activities


Regional Office – Eastern

Regional Office – Brong Ahafo

Regional Office – Central

Regional Office – Upper East

Regional Office – Volta

Regional Office – Upper West

Regional Office – Western

Regional Office – Northern

Regional Office – Ashanti