The Made in Ghana (MiG) logo was developed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to promote the Made in Ghana campaign and to increase the patronage of goods and services made in Ghana as well as serve as a seal of quality. The logo reflects the theme as well as the spirit and objective of the Made in Ghana campaign. It is important to stress that products marked with the logo have been licensed for sale, certified and accepted as meeting local and international standards and produced to a premium quality.

The logo which was launched in April 2015 is meant to help consumers identify genuine and authentic Made in Ghana products and thus help promote it. The mark symbolizes the optimism of producers, linking the everyday determination of Ghanaians with the aspiration of consumers everywhere to make a difference.

The MiG Premium Quality logo has the following distinctive features symbolizing high quality: The black colour representing the African people. The circular edge representing the treading wheel of the never-ending delivery of Ghanaian excellence, with the half star portraying the national colours from left red, yellow and green with the inscription “Made in Ghana” within the star. Underneath is written ‘Premium Quality’ assuring consumers of getting their monies worth.

The logo is a challenge to think quality first, embrace productivity and create business results. The Logo is the intellectual property of Ministry of Trade and Industry and registered as a trademark. The Ministry of Trade and Industry appointed the Ghana Standards Authority as the administrator of the Made-in-Ghana logo in November 2017. The mark must not be altered, copied, reproduced or otherwise used without prior written permission from the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA).