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We will destroy ‘fake-branded’ products – GSA Director-General

Director-General of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), Professor Alexander Dodoo has revealed that his outfit would not hesitate to destroy products sold by fake businesses.

According to Prof. Alexander Dodoo, destroying fake products is a more laudable measure to tackle the influx of poor electrical cables on the Ghanaian market, as compared to the shutdown of illegal businesses.

He held the assertion that the owners of such illegal businesses come up with crafty ways of operating, even after they have been locked up, thus the need to get rid of the products entirely.

“If someone is faking it [a brand], then the person is lying to us as well. So please give us such information. We will not just go and close the shop. I don’t believe in just closing shops. Remove the products and make sure they are destroyed. I don’t know how many entrances people have in shops. You might think you’ve locked everything. People have ways of leaving their buildings when locked,” Prof. Dodoo said

The Director-General of the Ghana Standards Authority also reiterated his outfit’s determination to fight any fake businesses operating within the Ghanaian market space, encouraging citizens to offer information on such perpetrators.

“We are getting a lot of information from the buying public and the trading public, and we are following up. If we see brands being forged, we will fight it. As a standards authority, whatever information you give us will be treated in strictest confidence,” he added.

The Ghana Standards Authority, on Friday, October 26, 2018, handed over a list of products that failed the authority’s critical parameter tests to the Consumer Protection Agency. A total of 45 electrical products and 20 footwear products failed the tests.

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