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United Nations on LinkdIn: #COVID19

“The rollout of #COVID19 vaccines is generating hope. At this critical moment, vaccine equity is the biggest moral test before the global community. We must ensure that everybody, everywhere, can be vaccinated as soon as possible.”

UN Secretary-General António Guterres told the Security Council on Wednesday that progress on vaccinations has been uneven and unfair.

“Just ten countries have administered 75 percent of all COVID-19 vaccines. Meanwhile, more than 130 countries have not received a single dose. Those affected by conflict and insecurity are at particular risk of being left behind.”

“We can defeat this disease. We can get our economies running again. I am convinced it is possible. Let’s make it happen, together.”

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Availability of ISO, IEC and GS PAS Standards

Availability of ISO, IEC and GS PAS Standards and their national adoptions in response to the COVID19 outbreak.

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