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Industrial Metrology Department of the Metrology Division is responsible for the calibration of industrial weights, measures, weighing and measuring in Ghana. Through awareness creation, more clients in the manufacturing and service sectors are gradually presenting their equipment instruments for calibration.

The Department also organizes training workshops/seminars on measurements for industry with regards to the use and calibration of process control equipment. Below are the major areas of measurement and range of equipment involved.


Area of Measurement and Range of Equipment

Area of Measurement Examples of Equipment Range
Mass Measurements Weighbridges, top loading scales (cranes), test weights, industrial hoppers and other weighing devices.
Flow/Volume Measurements Flow meters, Storage tanks, Prover tanks, Visugauge,   bulk water meters, bulk road vehicles, fuel dispensing pumps, gas dispensers and oil decanters.
Force Measures Compression Testing Machines, Torque Wrenches


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